BREAKING NEWS – Los Angeles, California – Thousands of illegal immigrants are planning to march in twelve states on May 1, demanding they be allowed to get driver’s licenses, and for people to stop being arrested for driving without them. While many of the marches are aimed at granting illegal immigrants the ability to obtain driver’s licenses, the campaigns in Georgia and Indiana are focused on “demanding the stop of arrests for driving without a license,” the organizers, Movimiento Cosecha, said in a press release. “I am 100% behind them, and my first name proves it,” stated Beto O’Rourke. “I personally believe that if they are here illegally, then they shouldn’t be forced to follow U.S. laws. Once they are granted driver’s licenses, they absolutely should be obligated to follow the rules of the road. But until then, I don’t feel illegal immigrants behind the wheel of a vehicle should be coerced into obeying speed limits, stop lights, and other things designed to unfairly restrict their mobility.”