BREAKING NEWS – New York City, New York – Before setting plate of sweet treats for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, be sure that St. Nick will be pleased with the presentation — or you may risk being bumped to the naughty list. According to new research from YouGov, Americans have some strong opinions on the best (and worst) Christmas cookies around.

Traditionalists won’t be surprised that chocolate chip (78%) and sugar (64%) cookies topped the list, closely trailed by fudge (63%,) double chocolate (61%) and shortbread (also 61%) varieties.

Other kinds deemed worthy of getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar include: brownie-cookie “brookies” and M&M cookies, each at 61%; butter cookies, peanut butter cookies (otherwise known as “peanut butter blossoms”) and butter pecan cookies followed closely, each sharing a win percentage of 60%.

Some of Santa’s least favorite cookies were anise, shortbread, and frosting on non-flying reindeer that’s been through a grinder.