BREAKING NEWS – Rome, Italy – Pope Francis’ Instagram account is being accused of liking another racy photo by an X-rated model.

“Hey that’s me,” wrote Margot Foxx Tuesday as she shared a screenshot seemingly showing the pontiff’s verified Franciscus account among more than 2,500 liking a shot of her in a risque black bodysuit.

“The pope liked my picture that means i’m going to heaven,” wrote the self-styled “tiddy queen” and popular OnlyFans model.

It comes weeks after Natalia Garibotto, 27, said the pontiff’s verified account “liked” an image of her standing at a school locker with a white crop top and a skirt barely reaching her behind.

Pope Francis I responded to both women in a tweet. “Yes, I ‘liked’ both images, but it’s not what you think. I’m around unattractive nuns all the time, so you two chicks are a breath of fresh air. Besides, I hoped to set an example for the majority of our priests worldwide, showing them that it’s ok to get turned on by a member of the opposite sex… that’s also an adult.”