BREAKING NEWS – New York City, New York – The NFL appeared to endorse the Chinese Communist Party’s claims to sovereignty over Taiwan on Wednesday in a map announcing the NFL’s international marketing.

The world map shared by the NFL colored the Chinese mainland, the People’s Republic of China, as well as the island of Taiwan, also called the Republic of China, the same red, labeling both as part of “China,” with the red and yellow CCP flag. The name “Taiwan” and the nation’s distinctive red, white, and blue flag are absent.

Taiwan is an independent island nation off the coast of mainland China. The repressive and authoritarian CCP has long sought to bring the territory under its control, while Taiwan is self-governed and receives U.S. defense support.

“For the most part, China owns the NBA so why not the NFL?” stated NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “I believe in time China is going to take over the United States. So I’m aligning myself with them now, so I won’t be a victim of their relentless human rights violations once they unequivocally come to absolute power, plus I think they’ll let me keep my job.”