BREAKING NEWS – Austin, Texas – Parents in the Austin, Texas, area expressed outrage after a technology teacher read a Dr. Seuss-style poem mocking “evangelicals” and parents who have expressed concerns about books they call pornographic.

Krista Tyler, instructional technology specialist at Grisham Middle School in the Round Rock Independent School District (ISD) read the poem at the Leander ISD school board meeting Dec. 16.

“Everyone in Leander liked reading a lot/ but some evangelicals in Leader did not,” Tyler begins. “These kooks hated reading, the whole reading season./ Please don’t ask why, no one quite knows the reason./ It could be perhaps critical thinking causes fright./ It could be their heads aren’t screwed on just right./ But whatever the reason, their brains or their fright,/ they can’t follow policy in plain black and white.”

An anonymous parent responded to the poem with a poem of her own which read:

“As a Christian woman, I’ll keep you in my prayers,
you apparently suffered brain damage after falling down some stairs.
Do you have any children? It’s hard for me to tell.
And if you do and they listen to you, you’ll all wind up in hell!”