BREAKING NEWS – Richmond, Virginia – Democratic Virginia State Sen. Louise Lucas accused Gov. Glenn Youngkin, R., of referring to historically Black colleges in the state as the “entertainment industry,” although Youngkin didn’t say that during his address to the General Assembly.

“HOW DARE YOU,” she tweeted. “HBCU STUDENTS ARE NOT THE “ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. As a graduate of Norfolk State I can not believe this came out of the mouth of a Virginia Governor. @GovernorVA owes us an apology immediately.”

The video of Youngkin’s address to the Joint Assembly, where he discussed the development of Virginia’s higher education and suggested partnerships with schools in various concentrations, didn’t back up her words.

“We’re going to build partnerships between the commonwealth and our great universities,” he said. “It could be an entrepreneurship or entertainment industry focused-school partnering with one of our amazing historically Black colleges and universities.”

“Ok, I misquoted him and got it wrong, I still won’t apologize,” stated Lucas. “But I still believe that he shouldn’t have even brought up the subject of entertainment, because he probably can’t sing, and as a white man he definitely can’t dance!”