BREAKING NEWS – Los Angeles, California – It pays to be a lifeguard in Los Angeles County. So much, in fact, that a government watchdog is sounding the alarm to taxpayers in the California county and beyond.

An investigation by discovered that LA’s highest-paid ocean lifeguard, a captain named Daniel Douglas, raked in a total of $510,283 in total compensation last year, nearly half of which – $246,060 – was from overtime pay. Douglas’ base salary is $150,054, and he brought in another $28,661 in “other pay” and $85,508 in benefits to surpass the half-million-dollar mark.

Douglas is not the only high-earning lifeguard on the county’s payroll. The No. 2 earner in 2021 was lifeguard chief Fernando Boiteux, who made $463,517 last year. Both men have been accused of demanding extra money, by refusing to save anyone until the drowning person’s panicking friends or family members, immediately sent them some funds either through Zelle or Cash App.