BREAKING NEWS – Chesapeake, Virginia – A viral TikTok video shows a woman claiming a Winners department store put fake Kate Spade stickers on items to increase the value of the products.

The video starts off with the user Autumn (@slug_whisperer) saying, “shoutout to Winners for sticking a Kate Spade sticker on these plates and bowls” as she shows blue and black plates and bowls. On them, a Kate Spade sticker is plastered on them with the price on the back reading, “$9.99” and “$19.99.”  According to Autumn, those were the same plates and bowls she purchased three years ago from Dollar Tree for $1.25 and she revealed the same ones in her cabinets.

The CEO of Dollar Tree Michael A. Witynski is now threatening to sue Winners. “They have crossed a line!” Witynski angrily began. “I am outraged that they are raising the prices of our products, when we are proud of the low prices of our knock off items and outright junk, that we acquire from respectable five-star foreign sweat shops!”

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