BREAKING NEWS – Washington, D.C. – Twitter users mocked Vice President Kamala Harris for another meandering, wordy answer that ended with her claiming that the Chinese spy balloon that the U.S. shot down in its airspace was “not helpful” for U.S.-China relations.

Puzzled internet users berated the Vice President for the awkward and soft phrasing she used to describe a major geopolitical threat to the United States.

Harris’ latest bit of eyebrow-raising rhetoric happened during a recent MSNBC exclusive interview with MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell. During the segment, Harris discussed the balloon incident and America’s current relationship with China after the spy balloon was shot down near South Carolina.

“The balloons may be something as innocent as China sightseeing the beautiful landscape of this majestic nation,” Harris began. “And even though the balloons found their way to important U.S. military instillations and loitered there for days at a time, we don’t want to jump to judgment and assume it’s something sinister, when maybe all it was, was a coincidence.”