BREAKING NEWS – Athens, Georgia – Once a team hoists the College Football Playoff National Championship trophy, usually the White House will invite said team to Washington to commemorate the achievement.

But for the past two seasons, while the Dawgs have had parades in Athens, they have not received an invitation to make the trip to the nation’s capital.

Champions at the collegiate level are not the only ones who are usually invited to Washington, D.C. All major sports teams who win their respective championships have traditionally received a White House invitation.

The White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made it clear why an invitation was NOT extended to the national champions, in a brief statement.

“Georgia is in the bible, and the player’s devout faith in God will make most of the current White House staff feel uncomfortable,” she began. “They are welcome to come, only if the they promise to leave God and Jesus at the front gate, and promise not to do anything that suggests that they have high moral standards.”