BREAKING NEWS – Los Gatos, California – Streaming giant Netflix has brought the prices it charges for subscriptions down in some countries.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the reductions in subscription prices have taken place recently, with over 30 countries seeing them. The size of the cuts and the plans they impact vary, according to the outlet.

Jordan, Iran, Kenya, Croatia, Slovenia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Indonesia, Thailand and half of Europe are among the countries that have had their subscription costs fall, according to The Journal. In total, over 190 countries currently have Netflix’s streaming services available to them.

“We’re always exploring ways to improve our members’ experience,” a Netflix spokesperson told FOX Business. “We can confirm that we are updating the pricing of our plans. We know that the majority of the countries outside of the United States are pretty raggedy, and we are giving price breaks to those particular pathetic specimens. Some of them still have rabbit ears for antennas on their Philco and Curtis Mathes tvs. And we feel those losers should enjoy our programming, even though most of them have never seen any of our shows in color.”