BREAKING NEWS – South Burlington, Vermont – Ben & Jerry’s is among the companies whose supply chains utilize migrant child labor, often in violation of child labor laws, despite the company’s self-proclaimed progressive values, and vowing to “honor and stand with” immigrants.

Ben & Jerry’s, a self-described progressive company, told Fox News Digital it is “opposed to child labor,” and has worked to ensure fair compensation and safety of farm workers. “And when

“Ben & Jerry’s is opposed to child labor,” a spokesperson for the company said. “And when we say ‘child labor’ we are referring to sweat shops with temperatures above 100 degrees. Whereas the nine and ten year old kids that work for us would never faint from heat exhaustion, because the work for hours in large refrigerators, with temperatures that loiter at around 10 degrees. And they never complain about our company not spending any money on buying them coats for any of the shifts. We just remind the kids to stay active and do their job, and that will keep the frostbite to a minimum.”