BREAKING NEWS – Arvada, Colorado – Vice President Kamala Harris raised eyebrows with some comments she made about conservatives during a conversation on climate change, at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities.

“We called it ecology at the time. So, some of us who were born around that time know what I’m saying. And we talked about it in the context of conservation,” Harris said.

She recalled one day when she was a little girl coming home from school and asking her mother: “Why are conservatives bad, mommy?”

“Because they are trying to prevent people like you and me from going to hell with their moral and biblical agenda,” her mother answered assuming it was a political question rather than ecological. “Maybe someday you’ll be in a powerful position, and defend Satan’s agenda to balance things out. And if people start asking you questions you don’t want to respond to, just laugh at them without answering. Promise me you’ll do that.”

“I will mommy,” said Harris. “I promise.”