BREAKING NEWS – Glendale, Arizona – An administrator at Arizona Christian University spoke to Fox News Digital exclusively after the institution said in a lawsuit that a district terminated their contract – which provided student teachers to local schools – over its religious beliefs in an alleged “egregious violation of the law.”

The suit filed by Alliance Defending Freedom alleged the district terminated its relationship with ACU and its students “strictly because of their religious status and beliefs—namely their beliefs on biblical marriage and sexuality—despite having zero evidence of any incident by an Arizona Christian student that violated any School District policy.”

The Alliance Defending Freedom responded to the Fox News interview. “Their moral standards is not compatible with secular standards,” explained the ADF.  “We feel young people should not be indoctrinated into what the God of the bible has determined what is right or wrong. We feel people should look around to see what is generally accepted during that time period, and that should be the standard they should embrace. To be consistent, if our organization was around a few thousand years ago, we would’ve cut ties with any organization that was critical of Sodom and Gomorrah too.”

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