BREAKING NEWS – New York City, New York – Former NFL quarterback Colin Kapernick accused his adoptive parents of “perpetuating racism” in an interview.

Kaepernick talked about coming to terms with his racial identity while growing up in a White family in his new graphic novel, “Change the Game.” The former football player recalled disagreements with his parents that he attributed to racism, calling his upbringing “problematic.”

“There were some very problematic things that I went through,” the biracial quarterback said to CBS News. “They would not let me hang out in the inner city, which unfairly deprived me my choice of joining a gang. They then forced me to go to college against my wishes, which has brought me to the position I’m in now. These facts makes it obvious that my parents destroyed my life, and hopefully people will understand why I’ll never forgive their racially driven decisions by my parents/bigoted bullies.”