BREAKING NEWS – Rochester, New York – Two suspects in New York were arrested this week after crashing a Jeep they allegedly stole at knife point into a school bus full of children while being chased by police.

Police in Rochester, New York say two suspects stole a red jeep at knife point from a 51-year-old female before being spotted by officers who tried to make a traffic stop, Fox 5 New York reported this week.

Bystander Raymond Gonzalez heard the sirens and pulled out his phone in time to record the Jeep flying the wrong way down a street before crashing into the school bus that was carrying 17 children.

The suspects Maliq McCullough, 20, and Adeosun Hughes, 23 were critical of the bus driver, accusing him of not exercising more safety when he saw a stolen car traveling toward him at a high rate of speed and recklessly putting the lives on innocent kids in jeopardy.