BREAKING NEWS – San Francisco, California – A San Francisco district supervisor is calling for more policing in the crime-ridden city – despite advocating to defund the police in 2020.

Hillary Ronen, Democrat, represents District 9 on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. During a Budget and Appropriations Committee meeting on Wednesday, she made an impassioned plea to add more officers to the Mission District, which she represents.

Ronen was attacking San Francisco’s police chief for spending a large amount of overtime on an anti-retail theft program instead of prioritizing police presence in her district.

“Who cares about retail theft?” Ronen stated during a meeting with a San Francisco Board of Supervisors. “I have violent criminals in my district! Shoplifters aren’t really hurting anybody, in fact I do it sometimes, and so does my children and relatives. Those are victimless crimes. But violence is something different altogether!”