BREAKING NEWS – Albany, New York – Democratic lawmakers in New York are gearing up to enact legislation that would prohibit gas stoves from being used in new buildings, including new single-family homes and new commercial properties.

Governor Kathy Hochul offered her support for a ban of fossil fuel-based heating equipment during her State of the State address in January. The governor’s most controversial decision, is abolishing the sale of gas-powered generators that are used by homes during power outages in the winter.

“Gas powered generators used during power outages in the winter does nothing but create animosity between neighbors,” explained Hochul. “When the temperature dips below zero while there is a power outage, a neighbor who’s family is freezing, can get really envious, if not outright violent as they look at another neighbor’s home who’s lights are still on and enjoying hot meals, thanks to a gas powered generator. I want unity in this state at all costs, including equally distributed hypothermia.”