BREAKING NEWS – Washington, D.C. – Some Americans are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots for “emotional support, companionship and even sexual gratification,” according to a new report from The Washington Post.

T.J. Arriaga, a California based musician, started “late-night online chats” with an AI bot named “Phaedra” after his divorce. Phaedra is an AI bot that is designed to look like a young woman with brown hair, glasses and a green dress.

Replika, the company behind AI bots like Phaedra, offers a number of AI companions for users. “Replika is always ready to chat when you need an empathetic friend,” the company website tells potential customers. “Men in particular love our services due to the diversity we have in our AI women, which ranges from articulate highly educated women, to illiterate loud mouth whores.”