BREAKING NEWS – Culver City, California – “Jeopardy!” has a new winner on a hot streak this week with Brian Henegar.

While Henegar, who works a normal job as a guest service agent in LaFollette, Tennessee, has emerged victorious twice so far on the hit game show, he’s having a very different experience on social media after viewers began suggesting that his appearance is similar to that of Adolf Hitler.

In a Twitter thread he wrote on the night of his debut on the show, the champion said, “Right now I’m feeling every emotion under the sun reliving my Jeopardy! appearance. And I’m seeing what a bunch of Jerks on Twitter are doing because all they can focus on [are] my looks… So I’m going to be leaving Twitter for a while, see you soon.”

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar advised Henegar on a tweet. “Don’t change a thing, your appearance is fine. I admire the way you look for reasons I don’t want to get into.”