Dentist Eddie Orobitg, 52, was golfing with his son when he reportedly became enraged after spotting Joseph Sivak, a physician, and his wife walking on the golf cart path at Harbor Hills Country Club.

In a hysterical 911 call, Sivak’s wife can be heard intermittently shrieking. “They just won’t stop!” she exclaimed. “They’re fighting with golf clubs, kicking the s— out of each other!”

Lake County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived and found Sivak covered in blood, and “it appeared his ear lobe was ripped,” the document alleges. Sivak suffered broken ribs and a fractured cheekbone and required stitches to repair his ear.

Orobitg later stated that he should still be considered as the dentist with the “light touch”, because he never made an attempt to knock Sivak’s teeth out.