BREAKING NEWS – Paris, France – World Athletics has banned transgender women from participating in women’s sports at the Summer 2024 Paris Olympics to “protect the female category.”

That means all the work French native Halba Diouf has done is all for naught.

Diouf, born a male, had been looking forward to running for her home country in France, training for the 200-meter race.

The sprinter began treatment to transition as an adult, and French authorities recognized her change in 2021. However, it means nothing for next summer’s games.

“This is not fair. This is not right,” Diouf said in tv interview in France. “I refuse to compete with the men next year, because they know I won’t even come close to getting even a bronze.” She/he began to cry. “I was looking forward to competing with the women, because even I if wasn’t at my best, I know that I could easily blow those slow running b****s away!”