BREAKING NEWS – Cranston, Rhode Island – Newly released bodycam footage shows the moment Rhode Island police arrested a city councilman who was found sleeping in a car with cocaine and fentanyl, police say.

Cranston City Councilman Matthew Reilly, a Republican, was arrested after a passerby tipped police off to a man who appeared to be having a medical episode in his car.

Reilly, 41, was found passed out in the driver’s seat, and an officer on scene told Reilly, “You have a crack pipe in your hands,” according to the bodycam footage. An officer observed that he appeared to have difficulty breathing or was choking, according to a police report.

Reilly initially alleged that it wasn’t a crack pipe, but it was a “toy pipe that was cracked”, and it was used by his children to blow bubbles. He later changed that story to, he wanted a firsthand account on how dangerous the drugs were, so he could give an emotional compelling speech on why they should be banned.”