BREAKING NEWS – San Francisco, California – “Cinemark can confirm it has decided to permanently close the Century San Francisco Centre 9 and XD theater shortly before the conclusion of its lease term following a comprehensive review of local business conditions,” a spokesperson for the company told FOX Business in a statement.

The theater is located in the Westfield San Francisco Centre, whose owner, shopping center giant Westfield, announced Monday it would be handing the property back to a bank due to “the challenging operating conditions in downtown San Francisco.”

“People are no longer enjoying an evening at that theater,” explained Cinemark CEO Sean Gamble. “Some thieves came in with some tools, and stole the front three rows. Plus a few homeless people have pitched tents where the chairs used to be, and they complain that the volume of the movie is too loud when they’re trying to sleep. When they are not doing that, the real hungry bums are fighting over some of the popcorn kernels that fell on the floor in the aisles.”