BREAKING NEWS – Columbus, Ohio – An Ohio plastic surgeon known on TikTok as “Dr. Roxy” had her medical license permanently revoked after livestreaming procedures and effectively harming her patients in the process.

The Ohio Medical Board voted to ban Dr. Katharine Roxanne Grawe from ever practicing medicine again in the state.

The board said Grawe, who originally had her license suspended in November, neglected her patients as she livestreamed parts of their procedures, spoke into a camera and answered viewer questions — all while the surgeries were taking place at her clinic.

“Ok, I neglected some of my patients, so what!” she argued at her hearing in front of the Ohio Medical Board. “I am a plastic surgeon, so obviously my patients are pretty ugly. So neglecting them won’t cause them to be much uglier than they already are. And based on that compelling fact, I do not believe my license should be revoked. But, even if it were, I’ll practice in California where there are plenty of hideous-looking people.”