BREAKING NEWS – Grand Lake, Oklahoma – A new, $2 billion theme park and resort is being planned for northeast Oklahoma, which is expected to be comparable in size with Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom Theme Park.

Dubbed the American Heartland Theme Park and Resort, the 1,000-acre development just west of Grand Lake on Route 66 will include a 125-acre theme park that the company says will offer a unique experience that rivals the world’s top resort destinations.

“American Heartland will be a place families can come together to create lasting memories, experience joy, laughter, imagination and wonder,” American Heartland Founder and Chief Creative Officer Gene Bicknell said. “There is so much to celebrate about our country: its landscapes, its cultures and most importantly, its people. No matter where you’re from, you’ll feel right at home at American Heartland.”

“The concept is deplorable,” said Disney CEO Robert Iger in a tweet. “They are promoting a country that every liberal despises with a passion! I’m not setting foot in there, and neither are any of my immoral bible hating friends, that wants every republican and conservative jailed and this country burned to the ground!”