BREAKING NEWS – Hollywood, California – “Masculinity” has become a dirty word to some. The American Psychological Association has released guidelines calling traditional masculinity “harmful,” and Hollywood has been open about its disdain, with movies such as last weekend’s much-hyped “Barbie.”  

According to a recent Politico/Ipsos poll, 36% of Americans believe “entertainment and culture make it hard to feel proud to be a traditional guy.” Similarly, 31% believe the Democrat Party is “hostile” to masculine values. 

The producers of Barbie stated that one of the goals for creating the movie, is to inform little boys that “it’s ok to trade-in their GI-Joe action figures for a Barbie doll, to trade-in their Battleship game for a Fischer-Price mini-kitchen/tea set, and to trade-in their white Fruit-of-the-Loom shorts, swapping them for pastel-colored panties while ignoring the comments hurled at them while putting on their clothes in gym class.”