BREAKING NEWS – New York City, New York – ABC News suggested in a question about Vice President Kamala Harris’ historically low polling that “race and gender” could be a driving factor in her unpopularity.

Towards the end of a pre-taped interview that aired on ABC’s streaming platform, ABC News’ Linsey Davis brought up reports that have determined she has “the lowest approval rating of any vice president.”

“I’m curious – how much of a role, if any, that you feel race and gender play in that?” Davis asked.

“Well, there are polls that also say I have great approval ratings,” Harris attempted to push back.

“What polls are you referring to?” persisted Davis.

“I poll my staff daily,” answered Harris. “And every one of them that wants to continue getting a paycheck and avoid my wrath, kneels before me and tell me that I’m doing a great job.”