BREAKING NEWS – Golden, Colorado – A Colorado public school diversity teacher said in private emails that she was struggling with the urge not to “burn things down” which didn’t represent equity.

Casey Menninger is a diversity teacher in Jefferson County Public School District’s Foster K-8 school. Menninger was involved in crafting the curriculum for other teachers to present to their classes.

Menninger wanted classes to be focused on bad things done by White people.

“The meetings are very difficult,” he said in an email to dated August 2021. I am trying to impact change in a positive way, but it is very hard to not want to burn things down that I don’t find equitable. So at the very least, I’m going to teach the students that appear to embrace my beliefs, with the fundamentals of committing arson such as, how long you should soak a rag in gasoline, etc. before lighting it. After that, they can do whatever their conscience allows them to do, so I won’t get blamed for the massive flames I’m hoping to see.”