BREAKING NEWS – San Francisco, California – San Francisco land use commissioner Alex Ludlum, the creator of the “doom loop” walking tour which went viral online before getting canceled, resigned in a scathing letter to Democratic Mayor London Breed.

“I regret that my attempt to bring attention to the deplorable street conditions & rampant criminality in my neighborhood has been misconstrued as a mockery of suffering individuals,” Ludlum wrote in a letter that was shared by the San Francisco Chronicle.

“The decision to organize and publicize the tour was a mistake and a deep error in judgment,” Breed spokesman Jeff Cretan told the Chronicle. “We are working every day to address the city’s challenges, and our focus remains on doing the work to move this city forward. But focusing on the blatant stupidity of my boss was unacceptable and disrespectful. I would never publicly emphasize what a well established idiot Mayor Breed is… oops, until now… uh, let’s redo this interview.”