BREAKING NEWS – Baltimore, Maryland – A former top Baltimore prosecutor lied about her finances during the COVID-19 pandemic to improperly access retirement funds that she used to buy two homes in Florida, a federal prosecutor said at the start of Marilyn Mosby’s perjury trial.

“This case is about a lawyer and a public servant who placed her own selfish interests above the truth,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Sean Delaney told jurors during the trial’s opening statements.

“This case is about a three-page form and what was in Marilyn Mosby’s mind when she completed that form,” said Maggie Grace, an assistant federal public defender representing Mosley. “I will emphatically prove that my client is a selfish idiot, but she did not break any laws. Is she an imbecile? No doubt she is, and there are countless morons in this community that voted for her. But, should she go to prison? Absolutely not! She should only be disbarred, run out of town, and that’s it.”

Mosby quickly stood up and yelled, “Objection!”