BREAKING NEWS – Chicago, Illinois – Chicago migrants are beginning to move back to Venezuela as the city runs out of resources to house and support illegal immigrants.

The Chicago Tribune reported on the account of Michael Castejon, who migrated with his wife and stepdaughter from Venezuela to find a better life. However, after several months, the family suffered from homelessness, a lack of job opportunities and no access to better education. By early November, they had requested tickets back to their home country.

“One of the most compelling reasons I’m leaving, is what winters in this city of wind is like, as told to me by a fellow Venezuelan who has been here for a year,” explained Castejon. “He said he was walking outside in January, and tapped a man on the shoulders asking for directions. He said the man had frozen to death while walking, and when he tapped him on his shoulder, the man’s head fell off and shattered on the ground. My friend concluded by saying that he was more afraid of the Chicago winters, than the countless violent gangs that the local government coddles to”.