BREAKING NEWS – Norfolk, Virginia – Animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) was fact-checked by Community Notes, a service on X, after PETA claimed in a viral post that turkeys would never eat humans at Thanksgiving.

“We’re lucky turkeys would never do this to us—you don’t have to do it to them, either,” PETA wrote in a caption to a post that has received over 26.7 million views online. The picture attached to the post depicts a family of turkeys sitting around a human turkey at the center of the table.

“Turkeys are not vegetarians,” according to the Community Note. “Turkeys eat mice, lizards, frogs, and just about anything they can fit in their mouth. If turkeys were larger or had the technological means to farm and eat humans, their current diet reveals they likely would.”

PETA immediately responded to the Community Note. “Well, even if turkeys were larger and would eat humans, they would do it daily, instead of foolishly making a pointless event out of by devouring us once a year.”