BREAKING NEWS – Lebanon, Indiana – A 34-year-old Chicago resident, David Juarez swiped an engagement ring from a Kay Jewelers in Lebanon, Indiana, sparking a high-speed chase on Interstate 65 through Boone County, where the suspect allegedly hit a Thorntown Police car, according to police in Lebanon, Indiana.

Several other local law enforcement agencies joined the chase, according to authorities.

Police say the suspect stuck his hand out the window and motioned to the cops. When asked what he was doing, he allegedly told police, “Because I was trying to tell you you’re not supposed to pursue me.”

During Juarez’s interrogation, he further explained his position. “I was driving recklessly and almost killed someone,” he began. “You people made it worse by chasing me and forcing me to drive faster, which made the situation twice as dangerous for the public. Plus, my arrest for stealing that engagement ring, ruined my plans to propose to my girlfriend tonight. This is why people hate cops!”