BREAKING NEWS – Washington, D.C. – Democrat-controlled cities across the U.S. are facing housing shortages and a “nightmare winter” as migrants continue to arrive in major cities, according to a media report.

The Politico article, headlined “Democratic cities brace for a nightmare winter housing migrants,” detailed the effects of the migrant crisis on New York City and Chicago.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson have different plans to deal with the upcoming frigid temperatures.

“My plan is a simple one,” stated Adams. “When the sustained freezing temperatures arrive, I will allow migrants to pitch their tents inside of shopping malls.”

“My plan is similar to Mayor Adams’ plan,” explained Johnson. “Except, I will let the migrants pitch their tents inside the stores in the mall after hours. As long as they agree to be out an hour before the stores open, and promise not to touch any of the merchandise.”