BREAKING NEWS – Washington, D.C. – Do you find yourself feeling friskier during the winter months? Psychology scholars writing for The Washington Post say a number of reasons could be behind the change.

The article, written by Arizona State University associate professor of psychology Michael Varnum and University of British Columbia graduate student of psychology Ian Holm, discussed the behavioral shifts in terms of psychological changes and how they echo in other members of the animal kingdom.

“People seem to get friskier in the winter months. Researchers know this from analyses of condom sales, sexually transmitted disease rates and internet searches for pornography and prostitution, all of which show biannual cycles peaking in the late summer and the winter months,” the article reads.

The researchers stated that according to Santa Claus, during the holiday season, female elves often complain about unwanted advances from male elves. Santa also stated that during the winter time, many of the male elves regularly use reindeer to fly to igloo brothels.