BREAKING NEWS – Kansas City, Missouri – The internet is buzzing after a Missouri mom posted her way of getting household chores done while still making time for a date night.

Katrina Ivan, an eighth grade science teacher and small business owner from Kansas City, took to TikTok to show off her way of offering her son’s babysitter a few extra bucks.

As Ivan and her husband were planning a romantic night out, she knew that chores were piling up, and the house was messier than usual. As she penned a note to her three-year-old son’s sitter, Ivan listed off a few optional chores – each with a set dollar amount.

The prices varied for each chore – $10 for sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor, $15 for cleaning the refrigerator, and $150 for editing a video Ivan and her husband created, that they planned on posting on their OnlyFans account.