BREAKING NEWS – Newnan, Georgia – A Georgia mother has been arrested for allegedly encouraging her daughter to snatch an unattended purse at a restaurant after surveillance video of the incident surfaced, and she was identified by police.

Kenya Butler, 28, of Union City has been taken into custody for a March 2 incident at The Juicy Crab in Newnan. Police say she is seen on video telling her 7-year-old daughter to take the bag from a booth.

Butler is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and theft by taking, both misdemeanors, police confirmed. Her 7-year-old daughter is not in any trouble.

“I did not tell my daughter to steal that purse,” Butler told the police when she was arrested. “She did that on her own, probably based on the fact of me telling her to steal a purse at the previous restaurant we had dinner at. So, because she went rogue this time, it’s not my fault.”