BREAKING NEWS – Atlanta, Georgia – Embattled Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis in a speech Friday seemed to defy a judge’s recent warning to not play “the race card,” insisting she’ll talk about race “anyway.”

During her remarks at the South Fulton Women of the Shield Awards, Wills said that “it’s hard out here always having to prove yourself two and three times.”

“Recently, they tell me they don’t like me to talk about race. Well, I’m going to talk about it anyway,” she remarked.

Wills’ comments seemed to be in reference to the recent order by Judge Scott McAfee in which he said that her racially charged rhetoric of “playing the race card” was “legally improper.”

“I personally do not feel that any black female district attorney should feel obligated to obey the rulings of a white judge!” she exclaimed at a brief press conference. “What can he do to me? Order me to pick cotton in Georgia on a hot humid day? Plus, I didn’t like the last ruling he made, and the next time we’re in court on national tv, I’m gonna curse his a** out!”