BREAKING NEWS – Dolton, Illinois – Scandal-ridden Illinois Mayor Tiffany Henyard faced waves of jeers and booing throughout a raucous meeting where she faced fed-up constituents.

Henyard, the self-described “supermayor” of Dolton, a Chicago suburb, and Thornton Township Supervisor, has recently been dubbed the “worst mayor in America” by critics after being accused of misdeeds ranging from weaponizing police raids to spending taxpayer money on luxuries in Las Vegas. Most recently she has also come under fire for an alleged sexual assault by one of her allies during the Vegas trip, where the alleged victim claims to have been fired after speaking out.

“The reason why I spend so much taxpayers money, is because you people force me to!” she yelled at the angry animated crowd.  “I spend a lot of money on my hair and clothes, because I get aggravated at people constantly asking me how am I spending the money. And me looking nice, calms my freakin’ nerves! I go on unauthorized vacations at taxpayers expense, to get a break from citizens constantly criticizing me! And the rest of the money, I put in my personal bank account, so I can get the best defense attorney in America, that will reduce the amount of time I’ll have to eventually spend in both state and federal prisons!”