BREAKING NEWS – Los Angeles, California – Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass pleaded with “the most fortunate” to help fund housing for the homeless as part of a new strategy to tackle the crisis during her State of the City address.

“We will not hide people but what we will do is house people,” the Democratic leader touted as she began her remarks on the city’s struggle to house over 40,000 homeless people. “The crisis on our streets is nothing less than a disaster.”

“Right now, we’re working to move past nightly rentals,” Bass continued. “We are asking the most fortunate Angelenos to participate in this effort, with personal, private sector and philanthropic funds – to help us acquire more properties, lower the cost of capital and speed up housing. Another option I am considering, is to informing the homeless of which mansions in Beverly Hills aren’t occupied due to movie stars filming in a distant location. That way the homeless people can move in, then it becomes a squatters/civil issue.”