BREAKING NEWS – Dolton, Illinois – A top aide to Dolton mayor and Thornton Township supervisor Tiffany Henyard has been indicted for bankruptcy fraud; but experts say Keith Freeman’s personal troubles could spell bigger problems for his boss.

“Nobody is untouchable, said Dolton trustee Kiana Belcher.  “If this is the first domino to fall, let it happen.”

A federal indictment says Freeman not only failed to report his income from the village of Dolton, but actively hid it during bankruptcy proceedings by using a pass-through company and new bank.

Court watchers say the feds could use the bankruptcy charge against Freeman to get him to cooperate in other investigations.  “That’s the leverage they need to sit them down and say ‘if you help us life might be good for you – if you don’t help us, you’re in a lot of trouble.  Now what do you want to do?’” said WGN political analyst Paul Lisnek.

“I think Keith is loyal to me, and won’t flip,” Henyard said in a brief press conference. “And to make sure he doesn’t flip, if he’s pressed by the feds, I’m hoping he’ll bite down on the cyanide capsule I plan on giving him.”