BREAKING NEWS – Jerusalem, Israel – Some of Israel’s most advanced military technology was on display over the weekend when its multi-level aerial defense array led the way in striking down an estimated 99% of the more than 350 drones, rockets and missiles that were fired by Iran in an unprecedented attack on the Jewish state.

From the Iron Dome, which in its latest format uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve accuracy when shooting short-range surface-to-surface rockets, to David’s Sling, which intercepts short- to medium-range and medium- to long-range surface-to-surface missiles, to the Arrow 2 and 3 systems, which is used for longer-range ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as AI-driven aircraft and other technology, Israel’s defensive operation proved it was far superior to the offensive capabilities of the Islamic Republic.

The government of Iran said they plan on filing a complaint with the United Nations, alleging that Israel is using unfair technology to prevent from being destroyed. Plus Iran wants to be reimbursed from Israel for shooting down their expensive missiles and rockets referring to it as “comparable to teenage vandalism”.