BREAKING NEWS – Los Angeles, California – A California Democrat who was featured in Time magazine’s Person of the Year issue for her role in the anti-sexual harassment “#MeToo” movement allegedly urged staffers to play the grade-school classic, “spin the bottle,” after a night of heavy drinking at a fundraiser. David John Kernick, 38, who worked in Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia’s office for five months in 2014, filed a formal complaint with the state, claiming that he was dismissed from his job for questioning the game. Garcia responded to the allegation. “Kernick is completely mischaracterizing me,” she began. “I admit that when I get drunk I enjoy sex games with my subordinates, and I admit that I have questionable judgment when I’m lobbying for a bill while I’m often intoxicated. I also think  Kernick is a wimp for complaining about me touching him inappropriately. Real men don’t do that, but instead they enjoy the moment and brag to their male friends. And he has no physical injuries from my relentless probing, so what’s the big deal?”