BREAKING NEWS – Naples, Florida – Actor Patrick J. Boll, Fort Myers pastor Richard Cecil and Lee County Judge Jay B. Rosman were among the six men arrested at a hotel in Naples, Fla., after allegedly attempting to pay an undercover officer between $150 to $300 for sexual acts, USA Today reported. Boll, 53, who guest starred in “Gossip Girl,” “The Good Wife” and appeared in Broadway shows such as “Mamma Mia!,” is accused of contacting an undercover officer via text. Boll allegedly offered the officer $150 for a sex act. Cecil, 47, who runs a ministry with his wife was accused of contacting an undercover officer and setting up a meeting at the hotel. He offered the officer $200 to perform a sex act before he was arrested. Rosman, 64, retired from his position as judge following his arrest. When the bailiff told the sitting judge, that “a pastor, a judge, and an actor” was about to enter his courtroom, the judge thought he was about to be told a joke and said, “Ok go ahead, I don’t think I ever heard this one before.”