Dear Blake,

Our daughter and her cousin are the same age. Both are medical school graduates. Eight months ago, when this cousin got married at an in-person wedding, he was showered with gifts from the family. My daughter, in contrast, had a private ceremony because of COVID concerns and sent a wedding announcement to the family. To the shock and amazement of my husband, my daughter and myself, not a single person in the family thought to send her a gift or even a card.

There’s no bad blood in the family. Everyone appears to love her. She is disappointed and devastated. Should I just get over this, or should I say something to the family? She and her husband live 2,000 miles away, and at this point, I can’t envision them making the effort to fly home and see the family ever again.

Signed, Veronica
From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Dear Veronica,

I am not sure why your daughter was snubbed. Maybe your family is uncomfortable about the area of medicine your daughter chose and they were collectively creeped out. So, here are my questions. Is your daughter going to be practicing medicine that may involve colonoscopies? The thought of getting it done grosses out the average person with a reasonably active imagination. Or, Is your daughter going to be performing plastic surgery/face lifts? Maybe your family is tired looking at freaks from Hollywood, ten years after these movie stars “attempted” to look younger. Or maybe this. Is your daughter going to be a general practitioner, because those people aren’t particularly good at anything and all of them barely graduated college. And finally, does your daughter plan to be a coroner? If that’s the case, tell her to tell her family members, that if they aren’t nice to her now, and they become a corpse in her presence, she’ll mix and match their parts from other bodies. When her boss catches her doing it, she can tell him that this is her version of being all inclusive. I hope this helps.