Dear Blake,

In our 20 years of marriage, my wife’s two sons have frequently stopped by or called ahead with literally 10 minutes to a half-hour’s notice. It usually happens around mealtime, when we aren’t prepared for feeding multiple people.

I plan every meal in advance, and would welcome them to visit with a little common courtesy. We had two lamb chops in the oven and 10 minutes before we were ready to eat when one of the sons and his wife called to stop right over. I was furious, but my wife said they’ll be gone in 10 minutes. It turned into an hour. I was waiting for them to leave, but then my wife invited them to stay for dinner. I blew up and hollered loud enough that they all left, which later led to a huge argument.

My wife insists family can stop by anytime. I disagree. Common courtesy should be taught, and there’s nothing wrong with saying, “Now’s not good. How about in an hour or two?” Who’s right?

Signed, Dale
From Lincoln, Nebraska

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Dear Dale,

I understand your frustrations dealing with your wife’s two inconsiderate sons. But in this case, there’s plenty of blame to go around. For starters, your wife. Ask her if the reason why she isn’t with their son’s father, is because he was nauseated at her pathetic boneheaded parental skills? Or, the next time they call, tell them you’ll meet them at a nearby restaurant… and then don’t show up. Maybe while there, those two freeloaders will be hungry enough to pay for their own meal for a change. Or maybe this idea, get physical with both sons. A quick kick to both of their stomachs, not only would’ve helped them lose their appetites, it also would’ve “spontaneously” resolved any constipation issues that they may have. However, my most disturbing concern is, the way your stepsons treat their mother, suggests to me that they don’t respect women. So don’t be surprised if one day a bunch of reporters show up on your front lawn, wanting to know more about those two characters that the police are looking for, that they label “Tag Team Jack the Rippers”. I hope this helps.