Dear Blake,

I was taught to write handwritten thank-you notes when I received a gift. Over the last few years, my gifts have been acknowledged with a brief text, Facebook post, a photo or not at all. I enjoy giving gifts, but the lack of response I receive from today’s younger folks leaves me feeling frustrated and dismissed. Must I adapt my expectations to a new normal in etiquette?

Signed, Doris
From Atlanta, Georgia

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Dear Doris,

Sending a text is still quite common to express gratitude. You didn’t state you age, but I’m assuming you were born in 18th century, if not earlier. Here are some possibilities from my perspective. Maybe you are one of those people that give awful gifts, so they would rather send a text, rather than spending time writing a note thanking you for something that they already threw away. Or, you may not know what appeals to the youth of today, and you should start shopping for them at your local cannabis outlets. Or this idea. If they publicly thank you on Facebook, they may be warning others to avoid accepting gifts from you, unless they are junk dealers. And lastly, I think you should adapt your expectations to the new normal in etiquette. So, if you want to embrace the kids of today, give them cash and shut up… at least that’s what they’ll eventually start saying to your face. I hope this helps.