Dear Blake,

I am friendly with a woman who is wonderful and caring. She calls to ask how I’m doing, drops off coffee to say hi, etc. She has a great heart and soul. Our boys are close in age. That’s the problem — I do not like her children.

Her kids are difficult and they run roughshod over her. She knows discipline is a problem, but she’s at a loss. My children don’t enjoy playing with them, either. Her kids are careless and don’t listen to authority. I want to continue our friendship, but I like her better without the children in tow. Should I speak up or fade away?

Signed, Cindy
From Spokane, Washington

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Dear Cindy,

I can feel your frustration as your friend brings her worthless thugs to your home. So, your goal is to maintain your relationship with your friend, while covertly addressing the two losers that slunk out of her womb. Here are my suggestions. Try to get her to take some parenting classes, and encourage her to take some self-defense courses, because she’s going to need them when her hooligan sons become teenagers. Or, have her find out the visiting hours or nearby juvenile detention centers and prisons, because I have a feeling that it’s a matter of time before that’ll be their new addresses. Or maybe this idea. Meet her at places where young boys aren’t allowed like a spa or a health club for women, and never meet her at a mall where she bring her two thugs that are more than likely skilled shoplifters. And lastly, consider this. Try to convince her that there was a mix-up at the hospital, and the boys that she thought were biologically hers, are not. That way she won’t feel guilty when her ton sons come from home school one day, with the house being cleaned out, while their mother laughing at them, as she’s leaving town driving a U-Haul. I hope this helps.