Dear Blake,

I have a dilemma. A decadeslong friendship ended last year after an unfortunate, painful event. I have items he loaned me. What do I do with them, as we are no longer in contact? Should I ship them to his house? Donate them to charity? Neither seems like a good idea. I’m not angry, but I can no longer let this person be any part of my life. What is the right thing to do?

Signed, Vonetta
From Lansing, Michigan

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Dear Franklin,

What you should do with his items, should be based on why you two are no longer friends. If he is the cause of the breakup, I have plenty of ideas what to do with his items. So, here are my suggestions. Because the items are his property, mail them to him… postage due. Or, tell him that you tried to donate his property to Goodwill, but they said they didn’t want items that even homeless people would reject. Or this idea. Call him and tell him that he has 24 hours to pick up his possessions, plus pay you the storage fees he accumulated by you allowing his junk to remain at your home. But sometimes it’s best to take the high road, so consider this last suggestion. Take all of his property, place them in boxes and take them to his home. And leave a note that reads: “If your stuff appears as if they went through a wood chipper, it’s because they did. And consider yourself lucky that you weren’t there.” I hope this helps.